Many years ago, we enjoyed going out for a "Fine Dining" experience – fancy surroundings, a spirit of formality and sophistication, an exclusive environment.

Well – today we believe in what we call "Fun Dining" – an experience that is approachable, affordable, un-pretentious, vibrant, interactive and still equally as quality driven.

So we shook the magic box of great restaurants and out came a fun combination of a few simple ingredients that make Latambu – a culinary journey through Latin America through brilliant burgers.

Welcome to our kind of place …

Finger-licking Delicious Hamburgers

Really quite simple: Argentinian Angus Beef, Heirloom Tomatoes, Organic Greens, Vidalia Onions, Brioche Buns - and a range of flavors and ingredients from Latin America.

The Flavors of Latambu

Everybody loves a great quality, juicy burger - and using the best possible ingredients is undoubtedly a huge advantage.

We obsess over the use of organic produce, heirloom tomatoes and visited the farm in Argentina where the cows roam the meadows.

These core components of a fabulous burger are enhanced by a Latin twist - a hint of spice here, a touch of sauce there.

Chimichurri, Huancaina, Mole, Aji Rocotto (to name a few) do wonders to the flavor experience in your mouth; fried plantains, quinoa, grilled poblano peppers, yucca, jicama ...all great twists to a traditional favorite.

Splashy Sprinkly Cocktails

Nothing says good-bye to a long day at work better than a liquid libation - and our mixologist are truly masters at temptations!

Bad, Bad, Influence???

While hanging out in bars in Miami, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires and Punta del Este that our mom might not entirely agree to, we noticed that girls (and about 2 seconds later the guys) can't really stand still once the DJ starts spinning Latin Songs.

Well, we can't say we exactly hate it ...

Vibrant Design

Latambu, which by the way stands simply for Latin American Burger, is a casual place, yet full of fun details, Latin touches, great lighting, warm colors, everyday appeal - equally as much for a quick lunch as well as an evening hangout...

and most importantly, fabulous people

Nothing is more disappointing that a great meal in fun surroundings at fair prices if the service is not equally as wonderful.

Well, we would not be happy if the service experience is not anything but the highlight of a meal at Latambu - it is all about people, interaction, laughing, casual collisions and having a good time.
And by the way - not everybody that you see looks like the charming girl on the right, she happens to be in charge of French Fries and is too shy to come out.

A shame, really - she is rather lovely.

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